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Web Development & Maintenance


We provide a full range of tools and services for web-based assets, like a websites and apps: we can (help) buy domain names at discounts, set up the most adequate hosting for the task, develop the software (like a website or an app), deploy it and make sure it runs smoothly ever after. And that search engines love it, too. We can monitor, support, update and backup your websites as needed.

Our flexible pricing model lets us offer most of those services and tools incrementally to make sure we have something useful for any project.

And if you are a neighbour — literally, your business is not only in Canada in Toronto, but between Queen and Dundas, and Dufferin and Lansdowne, or you are a member of Dundas West BIA— we have nice pleasant neighbourly surprise perks for you.

About Us

Designram has been around since 2012 mostly doing subcontract white-label work for design studios and other clients. We don’t mind that kind of work at all, so if that’s what you need please contact us. But we are now in the process of opening to the general public. And this is, of course, a temporary splash page to let you know that everything is being redesigned. (All existing services are running just as they always have.)

We will be happy to get to know your business and help it bloom.

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